Clinical Fellow Supervision


CFAt CRA Therapy, we understand the challenges of the Clinical Fellowship and the transition to being an independent provider of clinical services. That is why we offer the Clinical Fellow Supervision program, which is designed to guide you through your first year with CRA Therapy when you join us after graduation and are new to the school-based setting.

This program exceeds ASHA requirements and provides personalized mentoring and support throughout your Clinical Fellowship. With help from our ASHA certified SLP mentors, you will be able to integrate and apply the knowledge you have acquired from your academic training and develop and refine these skills through evidence-based practice approaches.

CRA Therapy provides you with the tools and support to recognize and address your strengths and areas where growth is needed as they arise and use the lessons learned to ensure your success as an independent practitioner. Our highly experienced mentors are committed to guiding you as you begin your clinical career, maintaining ongoing and open communication, and being readily available with therapy intervention ideas and recommendations. Always friendly, always here for you.

For more information on our CF Super Vision program, contact our Client Coordinator today!

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